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posted Aug 24, 2014, 3:59 PM by Jo Woollacott

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Julian's Story

posted Sep 9, 2013, 1:20 AM by Jo Woollacott

Julian well knows the importance of exercising regularly to help overcome the challenges of restricted mobility. He has been a member at Anytime Fitness for 6 years and what he enjoys most here is the range of quality equipment. He also understands the advantage of professional assistance to achieve his goals of improved fitness and flexibility. Julian began training with Jo Woollacott just over a year ago, and Jo’s yoga based approach has helped him achieve a much greater range of movement and eliviated his recurring back pain. Learning ‘mind-body’ connections and reprogramming the neuro-pathways through Jo’s training has given him better control over his muscles and the ability to function in ways not previously possible for him. “Jo’s enthusiasm in challenging her clients to improve and extend is wonderful,” he says. “She is encouraging and determined just when you need it. But most of all she really, really knows what she’s doing. She’s fun to train with and gets results. Jo has surely given the motivation and insight to extend my boundaries."

Sonya's Story

posted Feb 23, 2013, 1:02 PM by jo woollacott

I am a dance teacher in my mid-thirties, and have suffered from a variety of neck problems and pain for approximately 10 years.  I have seen many physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and quacks in an attempt to find some lasting relief from the tension and muscle spasms that plague my shoulders and neck.


I was referred to Jo by my mother, and I can truely claim that I have finally found the answer to my pain problems.  Jo's initial assessment and treatment was swift and accurate, and by using her pressure point technique she dealt to the problem areas.  The headaches stopped and I could turn my head again.  To my surprise, I didn't suffer any pain the following day, which usually happens after an intense physio massage, and the relief I felt from Jo's treatment lasted at lot longer than any other treatment I have ever had.  I fully intend booking further appointments with Jo whenever I am in Whangarei.


Jo also helped me with some core stability exercises.  I have sought help in this area from other personal trainers, but thanks to Jo's easy to understand explanations and exercises I finally found the muscles I have been trying to target.  I discovered that I have been exercising the wrong muscles (outer abdominals) for years now. 


I look forward to seeing Jo again in the very near future. 


Yours sincerely





Pam's Story

posted Feb 23, 2013, 12:58 PM by jo woollacott

I have been attending a gym of one form or another for a good number of years. Really haven't seen much change in fitness, fatness or weight levels. Motivation became extremly difficult to raise.

The manager at Anytime Fitness suggested I consult a personal trainer and recommended Jo Woollacott.

Jo is the kind of person who can focus on you exclusively. She is always interested in you and your achievements.

At my age [64] I have started with internal problems and Jo always has a remedy.

She is a personal trainer in every sense of the word. She has an amazing touch and gets to the base of any problem very quickly.

At the same time I am not pushed to do more than is possible for me and she always has my best interests at heart.

Jo is a valuable asset to Anytime Fitness.

Yours sincerely,


Lynda's Story

posted Jan 31, 2013, 8:21 PM by Chris Bennett   [ updated Feb 2, 2013, 5:55 PM by jo woollacott ]

Lynda - September 2012

I have been working out at the gym for more than 30 years with several goals in mind:

* To maintain muscle mass that would burn calories and slow the accumulation of extra body weight without the need to diet.

* To slow the onset and reduce the effects of osteoporosis that saw my mother lose 10cm in height as she aged.  

* To retain strength and fitness for gardening, hiking, childcare (of grandchildren these days!) and farm work.

* To reduce stress – although since I retired that has been less important.

* To maintain and, hopefully, improve body shape.

As a runner, I was never interested in adding bulk, but didn’t want to look flabby. Over the years I had developed my own programmes with the help of the occasional assessment and advice from gym trainers, other gym members and personal trainers. I thought that I was achieving pretty reasonable results. 

In April this year I met Jo Woollacott. At first she offered me some friendly advice about getting more benefit from the exercises I was doing and then asked if I would like an assessment. It was several years since I had had an assessment, so I agreed. I discovered that I had slipped from the “athletic” to a “normal” body fat percentage and had lost muscle mass. 

Since then Jo has been training me on a once a week basis, with me working out twice a week on my own between sessions, and walking for an hour or so on the other days.  She has focused on helping me achieve all my goals – and a few she worked out herself!   After the first 6 weeks I had regained athletic body fat status and restored muscle mass. I have now had a further 10 weeks of training with Jo and, in addition to the above, I have

* improved strength, fitness and muscle tone 

* a waistline 

* a tighter butt

* firmer thighs

* better posture 

* more flexibility

* better lifting technique

* fewer aches and pains in my back, neck and shoulders

I feel good and look better, so I have just signed up for another 10 week package! Thanks Jo!

Lynda S  

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